Message From Executive Directory

Message From the Executive Director

MDDear Students/Guardians, We are committed to make WIBS the first choice of the quality and professional education-seekers and career-designers for the 21st century . The college has been seriously devoted with good leadership, impressive communication and effective management. Collective efforts of the parents, students, faculties and the college management have equal share in the career building of any student. WIBS wishes to develop the nation through the development of competence, dynamism and creativity to our enrolled.

The college is dedicated to produce and maintain controlled behavior, student oriented teaching and proper discipline for effective and fruitful teaching. It is the right time when we have to march ahead with firm determination providing equal support for career building and personal development. We, therefore, should focus on enhancing personal learning abilities, academic talents and technical side of mind.

Thus, lets walk together to achieve collective success!

Shailendra Prakash Singh, MBA
Western International Business School,
Dhangadhi, Nepal